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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy Holidays

It's been a fun Holiday season here at The Riffle. A lot of time has been spent hanging out with both my family and the Wife's family.

We spent a lot of time out on the lake at the in-laws' house.

No big ticket fly fishing gifts were received, but I did get several small fishy things. In the "Dirty Santa" gift exchange we did with the Wife's family, I got a perfectly sized fishing shirt that will be a great addition to my wardrobe. It was perfectly sized because I was the one who brought it to the gift exchange, with every intention of grabbing it for myself! I also received two boxes of chocolates, which are also perfectly sized for me...

Hey, it fits perfectly! Who would have guessed...

I received a couple of other fishy things from my sister: a new thread spool rack that will house my rogue spools of thread, wire, floss, lead, and other stringy stuff. She also got me a gift card for Cabela's, which will allow me to get even more spools of stringy stuff. Or something else fishing or tying related. Or maybe I will decide to venture out into some other outdoor sport that I have never done before, like rock climbing or underwater basket weaving. More than likely I will just stick to fly tying and fishing, since it's hard to teach an old Scott new tricks.

I think this is made out of Burl Oak. Or maybe it was built by Burl Ives... I forget.

One fun thing that happened whilst hanging out with the Wife's family was an impromptu fly tying lesson given by yours truly. Two of my nephews and one brother-in-law were my students, and several other family members watched in amazement. All the students tied very passable white wooly buggers during the lesson, nobody impaled themselves too drastically on a hook or other pointy thing, and I think they all had fun. Oh, and they are still all speaking to me, too. So I would say it was a successful class. I planned on teaching them how to tie a Beadhead Rubber Leg Prince Nymph the next day, but other plans got in the way. The good thing is that I am pretty certain I will see all the students again, you know, because I am related to them. So there is a good chance the Prince Nymphs will get tied at some point.
Look at how attentive my students were. But who can blame them? They had the World's Greatest Teacher!

I hope your Holidays were as fun as mine! Happy belated Holidays!

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