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Monday, January 16, 2017

News, Classes, and News About Classes

I don't know what other people think of me and all of the things that wander around inside my brain, but I tend to think I know what I am talking about. Which can be very dangerous in certain situations. It's so dangerous that I even feel compelled to try to teach other people some of my knowledge. What they do with that knowledge is up to them. It would be optimal if they used their new knowledge for good. If they would prefer to use it for evil, I guess that's their prerogative. Really, it just makes me happy that they think I know enough to teach them something. A little ego boost like that is always fun.

I guess I should get down to business and clarify what that first, rambling paragraph is all about. I have fly tying and fishing classes coming up in the near future, and you should sign up for them, if you want to... First up is a one-night Dry Fly Tying class at Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop in St. Paul, MN, on Thursday, February 23rd at 7PM. This class is for those of you who already have some fly tying under your belt. Getting your dry flies to look good can be tricky, so we will learn the techniques to tie three standard patterns that should help you with any dries you might be tying. Contact Robert and get more info at www.bobmitchellsflyshop.com.

Next up is a Beginning Fly Tying class I am teaching through the City of Fridley's Community Ed Department. That runs for three Tuesdays in March, the 14th, 21st and 28th, from 7PM to 9PM. I provide all the tools and materials, you just have to show up. Head over to the Fridley website at https://fridley.ce.feepay.com/  and search for the class "The Joy of Fly Tying".

I have some fly fishing classes later in the Spring and early Summer, which I will write about later. I do have some other news though. I live in a suburb on the northern side of both St. Paul and Minneapolis, and that suburb is the home to a local cable access TV show called New Brighton NOW!! For some reason, the host of that show asked me to come on and talk about my fly tying classes and demonstrate how to tie a fly. I will be on the episode that tapes on Thursday, January 26th, and apparently it will re-air pretty much every day for the next month or so. If you are in the area, check out channel 15 or 16, depending on your city, and you will be able to see my mug on TV as much as you can stand.  I will try not to make a fool out of myself, but can not guarantee anything.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I will be tying at two separate fly fishing events this Spring, as well. First up is the Fly Fishing Film Tour event in River Falls, WI on the evening of Friday, March 3rd. Go to http://flyfilmtour.com to get more info and buy tickets.

I will also be tying at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo which runs from March 17th through the 19th. I am not sure when I will be there during those times, but when I find out I will post it here. This year's Expo will be at a new location, the Walker Fieldhouse on the campus of Hamline University in St. Paul. Get more info at http://greatwatersflyexpo.com/.

Alright, enough shameless self-promotion. We should all probably get back to work now, any way. Hope to see you at one of the aforementioned classes/events.