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Monday, February 8, 2016

CDC Nymphs

I haven't had a chance to shoot any fly tying videos yet, but I wanted to post something, so here are some pics of flies I shot for an article I wrote in the Autumn 2013 issue of Fly Tyer magazine. The article was about the effectiveness of adding CDC hackle to nymphs. I have added CDC to almost all the nymphs I tie at some point or another, and in my non-scientific analysis, I seem to catch more trout with CDC-enhanced nymphs than with regular, old, ordinary nymphs. I am not sure if you will have the same results as me, and I make no guarantees, but it's something to try. Below are photos of the finished flies. If you want to see step-by-step photos you can try to get your hands on a copy of the Autumn 2013 Fly Tyer, or keep your eyes peeled here on this blog. I will be doing a video of the process soon.
CDC-Enhanced Pink Squirrel
CDC-Enhanced Rubber Legged Prince Nymph
CDC-Enhanced Hare's Ear
CDC-Enhanced Poor Man's Copper John
Spearfish Special


  1. Very cool twist on traditionals! The Pink Squirrel is unique. I've been traveling to Wisconsin recently and noticed some pink squirrel references in the Driftless region, any relation? Well done!

    1. Ah yes, I am in the northern part of the Driftless region, and the Pink Squirrel is a staple around here. There are some variations on it, though, depending on where you are or who you learned about it from. Some people use pink dubbing instead of chenille. They all work! Thanks for the comment Ryan!