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Monday, July 1, 2019

The Threes

I currently own three 3-wt fly rods, and that seems like a perfect amount to me. I don't use a 3-wt all that often, so there is no need to add to my collection. Here's what I have:
The Threes

First up is a 7'6" Steffen S-glass model, which is actually rated as a 2 or a 3-wt, but I prefer it with a 3. I might be saying that only because I don't have a 2-wt line to throw with it, but that's beside the point. It is a wonderful 3-wt, so I can't believe I would like it any better with a 2-wt....
Steffen S-Glass
A nice, fat 'gill on the Steffen.

Next up is my beloved Scott F803/3, an 8' long glass beauty which was only offered in Japan. Next time you head to the Land of the Rising Sun you should try to pick one up...
Scott F803/3
A big ol' greenie on the Scott glass.

My last 3-wt is also a Scott, but it's a rarity in my rod quiver, as it is made out of graphite instead of glass. It's an old G85-3, but it's not a stiff, modern graphite thunderstick. It's a silky smooth early generation graphite, and it's as sweet as can be.
Scott G85-3
A cute little bucketmouth on the Scott graphite.

Those are my Threes. Check out the next installment of my rod prurience (look it up. I did, and it makes sense...) when I write all about my Fours. Look for it soon.
The Threes, take 2


  1. Saw the Facebook post on 3wt rods with link to this site. I am 70 and been enjoying a 5wt from Bass Pro for the past couple of years.

    Have been considering a 2wt rod?

    A large number of my panfish catches are sometimes less than THREE inches long.

    I have not shopped, nor sought advice from the fly rod salesman at Bass Pro.

    What sort of differences in casting, fishing would I expect to learn?

    Tom Coats
    Hot Springs Village, AR

    1. Hi Tom! I have never cast a Bass Pro brand rod, but I enjoy the CGR glass rods from Cabelas... maybe they sell those at Bass Pro nowadays? I have always liked a 3 or 4wt for panfish, as the heavier line weights allow me to throw bigger flies. I have had a couple of 2wt rods in the past, and decided to sell them because I liked the 3 and 4wt better. Everyone has their own opinion, but I would stick with a 3wt if I were you. Would Bass Pro allow you to take the rods outside to try them out before you choose?