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Monday, May 23, 2016

Golden Eagle Bluegills

I had about 45 minutes to sneak away and try out my new old Orvis Golden Eagle glass rod that I recently got. Golden Eagles were made for Orvis by the Phillipson company from between 1971 and 1974, so it's at least as old as me, and maybe a little older. It's just getting into the prime of its life!

It's a 7-foot rod that's rated for a 5-weight line, but while lawn casting it I have noticed that it feels way better with a 4-weight line, at least to me. With the 4-weight line it is as smooth as can be, and surprisingly powerful. With the 5-weight line it seemed overmatched and weak. So, I will stick with the 4-weight.

Using a foam-bodied spider with extra-long orange legs while fishing from shore, I managed to catch a few little bluegills and bass, then things came alive for about 10 minutes, during which I caught a very nice bass and a couple of massive bluegills (massive is a relative term). Then things quieted down, which was fine because my wife and kids were on their way home with frozen custard for everyone.

The Golden Eagle casts beautifully, and I was able to horse the massive 'gills through the weeds without a problem. If you can ever get your hands on an old Golden Eagle rod, snatch it up. I think you will enjoy it!
Massive 'gill #1

Very respectable largemouth

Massive gill #2. I think this one was full of eggs. Or it had just come from an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet...